Providing composite wall cladding for House in China

Wood plastic series of products, respectively, floor and other series of wall, ceiling ceiling, can be used in the outdoor wall, outdoor fence, floor, ceiling ceiling, etc., used in different places have its advantages.

Advantages of composite wall cladding

1. Long service life

Plastic wood wallboard has a long service life, ordinary wood can only be used for three or four years, and plastic wood wallboard, according to foreign data surveys, can be used for 10-50 years.

2. the surface does not need to be painted

The surface of the WPC wall cladding does not need to be painted, and the surface of many other wood or other materials is often treated with paint or water-based paint. The construction of this material is simpler and the maintenance is simpler.

3. Recycling and processing

Plastic wood wallboard can be recycled and processed, and can be sawed, planed, glued, nailed or screwed, and the installation and construction are very convenient.

4. Environmental protection

Plastic wood wallboard is environmentally friendly, because it is ecological wood and environmentally friendly wood, which can be recycled, does not contain any harmful substances, dangerous chemical components, preservatives, etc. Without harmful substances such as formaldehyde and benzene, it will not cause Air pollution and environmental pollution, 100% recycled and reused, also biodegradable.

Wall board series products with its excellent concave and convex three-dimensional geometric decoration effect and wood to bring humans the warm sense of natural and harmonious affinity, conquer every buyer who first contact with ecological wood, and few similar products in the market compete with it.The series no matter from the decorative effect, wood texture, installation and processing, or waterproof, mildew resistance, flame retardant, anti-aging, environmental protection performance are at the level, and its competitors products are mostly through surface printing, wood paper surface treatment using wood powder and adhesive (such as glue), so the product has a dull appearance, lack of wood feeling, easy to fade, cannot be used in wet environment and the product itself contains harmful components.These shortcomings are not available to ecological wood, therefore, the market competitive advantage of this series of ecological wood products is quite obvious.

several advantages of plastic wood profiles in outdoor exterior wall panel, trail boards or other outdoor building works:

1. The product has the same processing performance as the log, nail, drill, plane, sticky, smooth surface and delicate, no sanding and paint, its paint attachment is good, and can also be painted according to personal preferences.2. The product abandoned the natural defects of wood, such as cracking, warping, color difference, etc., so there is no need for regular maintenance.3. Product unique technology can meet a variety of specifications, size, shape, thickness and other requirements, which also includes providing a variety of design, color and wood grain manufactured products, without polishing, painting, reduce the cost of later costs, and give customers more choices.4. The product has fire prevention, waterproof, corrosion resistance, moisture resistance, no moth decay, no long fungus, acid and alkali resistance, harmless and no pollution and other excellent performance.5. Long product service life, hot molding, high strength and energy saving.6. The product is strong, light, thermal insulation, smooth and smooth surface, without formaldehyde and other harmful substances, harmless, pollution-free.

Exterior wall cladding

Hanming wood plastic composite interior wall panel is mainly made of waste wood, scrap wood and slag wood, which is fully crushed and refined and polymerized to improve the comprehensive utilization efficiency of wood.

Hanming wood plastic composite indoor wall panel products can be recycled, very environmentally friendly, in the process of product manufacturing, can be unqualified products, leftover, and recycled products for grinding, secondary processing. The material that a lot of people choose now, it is to be applied in indoor decorating, this is because the interior wall panel can bring a lot of benefits.