Duct Cleaning Commercial Spaces

There are lots of horror stories out there of HVAC systems breaking down during times of peak use. Not only is this a massive inconvenience, but the bills for the repairs can get out of control. Regularly scheduled preventative maintenance can save an operator from these disasters.

A good HVAC system is an absolute must for any commercial space. If operated correctly, they are good at delivering consistent indoor air temperatures, and are often energy efficient. With the right choice of filter, they are effective at preserving air quality too. There are many sophisticated moving parts within the HVAC system, and if these are not cared for adequately, performance will suffer.

What happens when the system is not kept clean?

In the winter, clogged or dirty heat exchangers cannot warm the air as efficiently. It will require a longer running time for the same amount of heat to reach the blowers, so more energy will be required to attain the same indoor temperature. In the summer a similar story emerges. Dirt clogged condensing coils will cause the air conditioner to use more electricity.

Expenses Repairs and Parts

Dirty ducts and diffusers cause similar problems. If certain diffusers are clogged up enough to only be emitting, say seventy percent of the air they normally do, and certain dirty ducts are only taking in eighty percent of their normal capacity, there will not be as much air circulation. This sets the stage for air temperature discrepancies, which will prompt the thermostat to keep everything working extra hard to sustain desired temperatures, resulting in even more energy consumption. Not to mention the fact that the airflows themselves become primary pathways for all the dirt, dust, pollen, bacteria and viruses to be spread into the air.

If these problems go unmitigated, one can expect an increase in energy consumption of up to five percent a year. One notorious culprit of expensive repairs when this kind of neglect happens are the blower motors. If enough dust and dirt from around the fan blades gets near the motors, they can overheat. If they overheat regularly, the motors will eventually fail. They are often expensive to repair or replace.

How the professionals can help

Using a crew of professionally trained technicians to clean out the whole network of ducts and diffusers at regularly scheduled intervals is a good idea. They can also clean out heat exchangers and condensing coils too. This will preserve energy efficiency and prevent any excessive strain on the heating and cooling mechanisms.

Another vital preventative task is to have them clean and maintain the blower motors, so as to avoid costly, unexpected replacements, or a full-blown HVAC shutdown. Nobody wants to have to turn the lights off, and risk losing clientele in the process.

If you are concerned about cleaning and/or maintaining duct cleaning for commercial spaces, now is the time to do your research and find a suitable, professionally company. Air quality is important for your employees and energy efficiency is important for your bottom line.